Setting up Cyclical School

Working on the basis that the largest number of students you can have in a standard classroom is 10, work out the number of classes you will need in the largest year group you have on site. The model that is developed here is for a eight-form entry secondary school with 248 students in a fully subscribed year group.

For each group of ten students there needs to be a classroom - their 'base'  - where they do everything, except perhaps taken some supervised exercise in their Physical Education lessons. Specialist teachers rotate through the bases delivering 45-minute lessons (some are doubles, particularly in core subjects) such that over two days, every student is exposed to every subject they study during the Engage phase.

Following the Engage phase, students are required to follow each lesson that they have had with a period of independent study, where they explore, explain and elaborate on the topic. This can be set as three discrete tasks or as one longer piece of work. With the work completed, they then return to the school site for two days of the Evaluate phase. This may be when they receive feedback on their work and complete assesments. This diagram shows the whole fortnightly cycle.