Man Down!

When I wrote my little book, The Classroom After the Storm, I would never have believed that, when the time came, I wouldn't be heading back myself ... at least not for a month or two. I was all set ... well, I knew about as much about what was going on as anyone else did. My pencils were sharpened, I had some nice masks made from a fabric with a vintage world map on it and I bought a new folder for my planner. In my wisdom, I had also decided that I would go back and do my CBT - a basic training course for people who want to ride scooters on 'L' plates -so that I wouldn't have to risk catching COVID-19 on the bus.

It was then that I fell off said scooter and smashed up my right arm. I have fractured my proximal humerus in four places and am typing this blog with my 'surviving' limb. My current record for having a shave (very interesting), a shower (similarly challenging) and getting dressed (I have to get help here, especially when putting on my socks) is about 44 minutes.

The main problem is getting comfortable to sleep.I am supposed to sleep 'upright, supported by plenty of pillows' (NHS advice) and, as this cannot be accommodated in our bedroom, I've been assigned the spare room for the time being, where I doze on a mattress that is somewhat like blancmange, slumped up against an assortment of cushions until they slide down the back of the bed and I am woken by the discomfort within about 90 minutes of having dozed off.

It just occurred to me that now might be the time when folks might want to read the book or check out the pages about Cyclical School - now that the government has finally admitted that a rota system is to be implemented in areas under local lockdown.

You can get the book by following this link It's £4.99 for a copy ... or less to download onto Kindle.

You can find out about Cyclical School at as well as via the other pages on the website which give more details.

Please let others know about these resources, too, when you meet up on Tuesday for your staff meetings and INSET activities. And when I get back the use of my arm, I'll, hopefully, be joining you again. Until then, it's more left-handed typing for me ... and trying to get the morning routine down to under 40 minutes!!

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